4 Reasons Warren Buffett’s American Express Investment Was Genius

Hi everyone! A new guest post of mine was just published on moneyminiblog.com. In case you don’t know, moneyminiblog.com is run by fellow personal finance blogger Kalen. His blog has a ton of content on finance and money management, so I highly recommend that you check him out.

My blog post that was just published is about Warren Buffett’s 1964 investment in American Express stock. This was such an important time in Buffett’s career as an investor, and it makes for excellent inspiration for investors and traders alike.

Please feel free to check out my blog post, along with some of Kalen’s other awesome content on his website.


Warren Buffett is one of the most famous and richest investors of all time. He has amassed a fortune of over $80 billion and has held the position of the third richest person on the planet. In 1964, Buffett invested in the financial services company American Express. The Oracle of Omaha’s purchase of this company would forever change his views on investing….

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