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5 Hobbies That Can Make You More Money

When we think about hobbies, we typically think of something that is just done just for recreation and never to affect our working lives. Yet, in this day in age, there are so many different hobbies that can surprisingly pay you money. This extra side cash can be beneficial to you, and instead of working a sucky part-time job that you hate, you can spend your time doing something you like. Now, let’s discuss how these 5 hobbies can potentially make you more money.

1. YouTube To Make Money

YouTube is one of the ultimate hobby/money-making machines the internet has to offer. With the millions of viewers that YouTube has in traffic, you will never be short of an audience on this platform.

The best part, however, is that you can talk about nearly anything you want and manage to attract a following.

I’ve seen some of the strangest videos on YouTube: some involving mukbang challenges, weird ASMR’s, kids playing with toys, gaming, prison stories, reactions, you name it.

The opportunities are endless with YouTube, and that is precisely what makes it so great. But with all the advantages that it offers for hobbyists, there are a few downsides. Check out Viewership.com for more specifics on making it on YouTube.

For one, YouTube ads are not as reliable as they once were in the past. Since the YouTube adpocolypse in 2017, YouTube has been having some of its top advertisers pulling out from the platform. Without support from advertisers, you won’t be making any revenue from your videos.

Moreover, YouTube has been demonetizing channels and videos to ensure advertisers that their ads will not be played on any offensive or radical content.

The problem with this is that YouTube is far too big of a platform to be regulated accurately. This causes channels that don’t necessarily have any offensive content to be demonetized. If you’re going to have a YouTube channel in 2019, you’re going to have to make sure you follow YouTube’s rules and avoid any profanity or inappropriate content.

2. Twitch As A Hobby

Similar to YouTube, Twitch is another great content creation platform that offers gamers an outlet to express themselves online.

If you’re a gamer, then this platform is for you. Many former YouTubers have moved on to Twitch. Some have even reported Twitch as being fairer than YouTube, and not affecting their earnings as much.

Twitch is still fairly different than YouTube, however, since you’re streaming yourself playing video games instead of uploading videos. You also need to enjoy the game you plan on streaming since you’re going to be playing it non-stop.

Enjoying the game you want to play is not only important but necessary. If you want to get started on Twitch today, your odds of building a dedicated audience increase substantially if you choose one game to play.

It also shouldn’t be any of the AAA hits, there’s too much competition on those games for new streamers: it will be impossible to get noticed. Eventually, the game you choose will become synonymous with you as a streamer, and your audience will get attracted to that.

Twitch makes for an overall interesting platform. If you’re a gamer it’s perfect for you to play your games, build a following, and even make some money in the process. Many casual streamers have reported earnings equal to YouTubers with big followings.

3. Writing

Writing can be an excellent addition to your list of hobbies. If mastered, writing can not only be really fun, but extraordinarily lucrative.

Not only are good writers in demand in just about every single field in the workforce, but their skills can be a powerful tool of communication.

Think about it, every time you’re forced to write something you have to use your communication skills. Good writers can instinctively write emails, cover letters, and resumes, that will catch anyone’s eye.

Furthermore, the employment potential for writers is endless. Scientists need good writers, doctors, lawyers, law firms, marketing agencies, public relations agencies, you name it.

The pay is decent too, entry-level jobs for writers pay an average salary of around $50,000. As a hobby writing is also very fun and intellectually stimulating.

Writing down your thoughts daily is a great way to start your path of being a writer. Many great writers began with writing in their diaries; their writings enabled them to master the craft.

You could also start a blog and make money off that as well. Or even create your own freelance writing business. The opportunities really are endless.

4. Photography

Photography isn’t the same as it used to be years ago. Today, everyone is carrying a sophisticated high-quality camera in their pockets.

If you want to be a photographer, you could literally start right now as long as you have a decent smartphone. Photography as a hobby is fun since you get to explore new areas and meet people on the way.

It’s great to get out and enjoy how the world looks. Moreover, people who like taking photos are in luck, good pictures are virtually in demand everywhere.

Just look at Instagram and see all the pictures uploaded on there daily. Many of them are amateurish, but if taken by a professional who has practiced their craft, people would pay a hefty price for your pictures. Like writing, you could also start your own freelance photography business online.

5. Reading

If you like to read then consider yourself a minority. People’s interest in reading conventional material such as books and magazines has been dwindling. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t let this stop you. Reading can be an excellent, entertaining, and lucrative hobby.

Humans love to record information in written form, it has been the most reliable way of learning through our antiquity. If you are an avid reader you will not only make yourself smarter, but you will eventually start learning useful skills.

Skills that can help you land the job you want, or to start your dream business, or to even live happier. Reading on a consistent basis will allow you to retain a plethora of knowledge that can be applied to the real world.

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