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7 Best Books On Investing For Beginners

Do you want to start reading books on investing? Are you a beginner who needs a book that’ll help you along the way? Well, look no further. In this article, I will share with you my list of the seven best books on investing for beginners.

Stocks, bonds, mutual funds, there are so many things to learn with so little time available. Yet, books can be a great hack since they pack so much information.

We live in a time where information is available to us at our fingertips.

Take advantage of it and start educating yourself so you can start improving your life!

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#1 Think and Grow Rich by Napolean hill

Think and Grow Rich is not an investing book. It’s a self-help book, one of the first of its kind. However, it’s not always about learning the specifics. Think and Grow Rich is an awesome compilation of advice from Napolean Hill, a journalist from the 1930s.

He spent 20 years interviewing some of America’s most successful entrepreneurs. His goals were to figure out what made these people so successful.

It’s a great read because you get the specifics of how certain people like Andrew Carnegie and Thomas Edison became so successful. While you also get a good boost in confidence from Napolean Hill through his writing.

Throughout the book, he urges people to take action and chase their dreams. He also mentions the importance of a positive mindset.

Positive thoughts fuel success because what’s going on in your head is a reflection of your reality.

Hill manages to write in such a simple way that people of all ages can grasp what he’s saying.

#2 How To Make Money In Stocks by William O’Neil

How To Make Money In Stocks is a great book that breaks down stock trading for the average person. William O’Neil will provide you with great examples of real companies and their stock charts.

He refers to trends that stocks have through trading volume and bear markets. This book has a lot of stock chart analysis.
Stocks are analyzed in detail by looking at the history of a company’s stock chart.

He shows certain trends that stocks have through trading volume and from bear markets. O’Neil will tell you, specifically when you should buy and sell.

This book is for people who want to learn all they can about swing trading and technical analysis. Swing traders trade stocks over weeks or months. Learning the ropes through this book is a good start.

#3 Jim Cramer’s Real Money

Jim Cramer’s Real Money: Sane Investing in an Insane World is one of the first stock market books I’ve ever read. Real Money is one of the best books on investing for beginners available today. The author is a former hedge fund manager and current Mad Money TV host Jim Cramer.

This book is a collection of Cramer’s most solid advice for beginner traders. He goes into detail on what a modern-day stock portfolio should and shouldn’t look like.

He also shares stories about his experiences with the market. Cramer is one of the most successful hedge fund managers of all time. Learning from his past mistakes and successes is a must for any beginner investor.

#4 The Intelligent Investor by Ben Graham

The Intelligent Investor is one of the greatest books on investing of all time. Having been recommended by people like Warren Buffett, this book is the real deal.

The Intelligent Investor will teach you the Ben Graham approach to value investing. Ben Graham was a professor at Columbia University who taught Warren Buffett while he was attending there.

Some have criticized this book as being too hard to understand for beginners. I disagree; the current version of this book comes with updated content by Jason Zweig, a financial journalist.

Zweig explains every chapter of the book in lamens terms. He also provides modern examples of the scenarios mentioned in the book.

For example, some of the companies that Graham references are outdated. Jason uses examples from modern companies, making it easier to keep up with what’s going on.

Don’t hesitate to read this book. The Intelligent Investor changed how I viewed the stock market forever.
It can do the same for you. Forget stocks, reading this book is one of the best investments you can ever make.

The Intelligent Investor changed how I viewed the stock market forever. Chapter 8 is one of the most important investing lessons that you will ever read. If you can’t read the entire book, at least read that chapter.

Once you read it you will never look at trading the same way again.

#5 Tony Robbins Unshakeable

Tony Robbins is a motivational speaker and writer. He helps people to find their true passions in life and to be happy. Unshakeable is one of his many books. It talks about many of the same stuff mentioned by Ben Graham in Intelligent Investor.

I actually suggest reading this book before you read The Intelligent Investor. This book is a lot easier to soak up. Plus, Tony gives you the perspective of someone living today.

And of course, it’s much shorter.

However, the main points of the book are Tony’s push towards investing in index funds. Tony advocates for people to focus on building their wealth slowly over time.

This book is a great start for anyone looking to dip their toes into investing.

#6 One Up On Wall Street by Peter Lynch

One Up On Wall Street is a masterpiece of a book written by Peter Lynch, an American mutual fund manager. Likewise, this book covers many similar topics to Intelligent Investor.

However, the difference here is that Lynch proves how anybody can beat big Wall Street managers at their own game. Peter Lynch does a great job at shredding the myth that single investors can’t beat the market.

This idea that somehow these Wall Street people know more than you. That isn’t the case, and Peter Lynch will show you how anybody can make money in stocks if they know what they’re doing.

#7 The Snow Ball: Warren Buffett and The Meaning of Life

The best books on investing are not just specific investing books. Often when people look for investing books to read, they tend to neglect biographies. Biographies are amazing since you get the history of a person’s successes and failures.

You also learn what it was that made them successful.

The Snow Ball: Warren Buffett and The Meaning of Life by Alice Schroeder is the story of Warren Buffet’s personal and professional life.

Furthermore, biographies will teach you what to avoid since many successful people are full of failures. Warren Buffett is no exception to that.

Buffett is typically praised in the media and almost has this sort of god like status in the financial world.

However, what you can learn from studying someone’s life is that how they are portrayed in the media isn’t how they are in real life.

Buffett might be a legendary investor with billions of dollars, but he is also a human being.

This book will reveal the truths and values of the man. It’s a wonderful read for anyone trying to emulate the success of the world’s greatest investor.

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