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A $600 Stimulus Check Isn’t Enough

So we’re at the end of 2020, and the government finally agreed on a stimulus package. They made a deal yesterday, only to have Trump block it from going through. The president has demanded that Congress and the senate send $2,000 instead of $600.

Donald Trump is not someone I agree with most of the time. However, on this issue, he’s right. $600 is nothing, and most people getting that money will blow through it instantly.

I honestly don’t know why Congress even thought this was a good idea. The people will need more money if the American economy is to recover from months of lockdowns and business closures.

$600 Is Barely Enough For Groceries

In America, it isn’t uncommon to see people spending over $100 at the grocery store. If you add that up over a few weeks, that stimulus money won’t do you any good.

How is that supposed to help anybody? The people who need this money have been out of work for months now. Politicians have forcefully closed down restaurants, schools, and bars from another rise of Covid cases.

The American economy relies on these types of businesses to survive. What are the workers and owners of these businesses supposed to do?

They have tons of bills to pay.

On top of that, I keep seeing restaurants getting fined for violations during a pandemic. If the government wants to help them, they need more than $600.

It’s Too Late

The government has been very sloppy with all of this. It’s to the point where they delayed the stimulus money for months now.

Obviously, the election had something to do with that. The chaotic political environment that this country is in right now contributed to the delays. Yet, is that really an excuse for taking this long?

Coronavirus cases started going up again in October when the weather started getting cooler. We’re now in December and our politicians took this long to get the money together.

In the meantime, think about how many people have lost their jobs. Think of the businesses that went under because of this.

The government acted too late.

Getting a Job During a Pandemic Is Not Easy

I see a lot of people talking about this online. It’s common to hear someone say to an unemployed person, “why don’t you just get a job”. That question might make some sense during normal times.

However, with the pandemic raging since spring, it’s not that simple.

For example, if you live at home with relatives, working a job puts them at risk. That is especially true if they’re older.

It’s one thing if you’re young and live on your own. However, if you live with grandparents or other relatives, it becomes a risk.

However, for some reason, most people don’t seem to understand that. The government doesn’t get it either, which is really alarming to me.

It’s going to take a lot more than $600 to help those who can’t work right now.

A Long Road To Recovery

With the potential end to the pandemic through vaccinations, the world can hopefully start recovering from this.

However, the poor job that the government has done, along with the financial strain put on people this year was massive. We haven’t seen anything like this since 2008 and maybe even 1929.

There will be a long road ahead for the nation and the world to recover. That’s why our new president should make economic stimulus a priority.

Because, when this pandemic officially comes to an end, fiscal aid will still be needed to get people back on their feet. We can’t abandon the many businesses and employees who keep and have kept the economy alive for centuries.

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  • I don’t understand how small businesses and the people they employ are going to make it through this crisis. Our cities are destroyed and the American people are hurting!

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