Hey everyone!

My name is Alex, and I’m the author and founder of Creativefinancialhelp.com. I am a recent college graduate with a huge interest in everything money, blogging, digital marketing, and self-help.

I am also a personal finance freelance writer, so my expertise is in many different industries.

Creativefinancialhelp.com is my main blog where I discuss all of those topics in detail.

My Background and Education

I was raised in New Jersey, which is where I’m currently located in right now. My educational journal is a long one. Originally, I attended Penn State University for about two semesters from 2013-2014.

I then left that school for financial reasons and convenience. I then came back to New Jersey and finished my bachelor’s degree at Montclair State University.

Originally, my intentions were to major in economics. I took all of the prerequisite economics classes, so I’m very familiar with both micro and macroeconomics. I’ve also studied general business, accounting, finance, calculus, and more.

However, I realized about halfway through that a career in economics wasn’t for me. I then changed my major to history and completed my degree.

Why Such a Change?

Even though I was halfway through completing my economics degree, I started thinking about the types of career paths available for me. A career in economics seemed appealing but uninteresting. What really interested me was the question of why people do the thing they do.

That of course, included why do people do dumb stuff with money? History always fascinated me. Like why did Isaac Newton, despite being a genius mathematician, lose over $4 million worth of today’s money in an investment?

Trying to figure out why people in the past did things was so cool.

Economists can learn a thing or two from studying history. For example, no economist was able to prevent the meltdown of 2008. Likewise, no economist could have seen the coronavirus pandemic coming either.

Before every crash and catastrophe, economists use their mathematical models to predict growth, loss, and anything else they calculate. I then realized one thing: The world doesn’t work as a math problem.

What History Taught Me

Most historians knew that a pandemic in our modern world was inevitable. Infectious diseases have plagued humanity so many times. In ancient Rome, the Antonine plague spread so fast because of Rome’s interconnected road system.

In 2020, the coronavirus spread so fast because of our interconnected world. It’s things like that that make me realize how powerful the lessons of history are.

Historians also study people. For instance, to try and find out why the great depression happened, historians look at the people involved.

Economists don’t do this.

Instead, they look at their graphs and numbers to figure out how this happened. In reality, it’s the people who are in control of the money and the banks. The economist needs to consider why people screw up with their money.

Learning about economics is still vital. However, we can’t forget to learn about human nature and psychology as well. That’s what I did, and it taught me a whole lot.

Learning About The Market

Despite my change in major, finance had always interested me.

I started to become interested in the stock market when I was a sophomore in college. I began reading books on the stock market and watched the financial news daily. I would take notes on what I learned and started to track stocks and other things to invest in.

Eventually, I became interested in commodities. Their rapid fluctuations intrigued me; it felt like I could make a ton of money with them if I mastered how to day trade them. I looked into day trading and started dabbling in Crude Oil indexes from home. Crude Oil appealed to me because of its geopolitical ties and volatility that seemed orderly.

Little did I know that day trading commodities is like playing the machines at a casino. I ended up making money but then losing it when I made the wrong calls on my trades. Inevitably, I started losing more than I was making, and I had to stop.

I wouldn’t touch the stock market again for another two years.

In those two years, I read up on more finance stuff and continued my college education. In my senior year, I started this blog as a resume builder to help me find a job.

That was in the spring of 2018. We are now approaching 2020. I stuck with this blog because I realized how much I actually enjoyed writing about finance.

My history degree helped me realize that since it prepared me to be a better writer. All I did in college was write, so when I created this blog, I wanted to combine my writing skills with my passion for money.

Owning a Small Business

I come from a family of small business owners. I started working at my parent’s restaurant while in high school. In that time, I’ve learned so much about business etiquette, sales, and management.

I also learned what works in business and what doesn’t. It’s one of the reasons why I got so interested in trying to make money. Because not every business works and not every idea you have will be profitable.

But if you make the best product, then that’s all you have to worry about. Business is about making the best kind of service or product for your customers.

Blogger, Writer, and Digital Marketer

My blog will be turning 3 in April. I’ve been a freelance content writer for around that time as well. Digital marketing, writing, and blogging are what I do best.

There are a ton of people on the internet who want to become bloggers, writers, and digital marketers. I’ve learned a lot by doing this for almost 3 years now.

Why not take my advice?

Remember, Creativifinancialhelp is more than just a personal finance blog. It’s more like a lifestyle blog.

Blogging and digital marketing are part of what I do daily. I make the content that helps other bloggers succeed.

What Is Creativefinancialhelp?

Creativefinancialhelp.com is a blog I started in April of 2018. It originally started as a personal finance blog but has evolved since then. At the moment, this blog’s focus is on helping people with making money online, personal finance, helping bloggers with SEO and marketing, and helping people with general life tips.

So Then, What Type of Blog Is This?

Creativefinancialhelp.com is really just a personal finance blog mixed with investing entrepreneurial, blogging, digital marketing, philosophy, writing, and self-help topics.

It’s very much a lifestyle blog as well. Creativefinancialhelp is your place to get blogging and marketing advice. However, most of the content will be related to, in some way, making money and achieving financial independence.

But the point of this blog is detailing how you get there and what to do after. I hate to break it to you, but hardships don’t end just because you become financially independent.

Sometimes people want to change careers or chase the thing they wanted to do the most. All of that is important, and this blog can share ideas from other people and from my own experiences.

What You Will Get From This Blog

Even though this blog is about personal finance, you will see me diverge into different topics here and then.

These are all the types of posts you can expect to see on here:

  1. Personal Finance
  2. Investing
  3. Entrepreneurship
  4. Making Money Online
  5. Blogging Advice
  6. Writing Advice
  7. Motivational Content
  8. Life Advice
  9. Inspirational Content
  10. Career Advice

All of these topics are related to making money in some way. Personal finance is more than just learning how to manage money.

For example, you still need to get a good job to make that money. Some of you might even want to be entrepreneurs and escape your 9-5.

All of these topics are intertwined. There are so many opportunities today for you to make money online and achieve financial freedom.

Creativefinancialhelp.com is a personal finance/life advice blog all in one. Each topic will help you to make more money and free yourself from the rat race!

Who Is This Blog For?

Anyone who wants to learn how to make money, stay debt-free, manage money, build new skills, write better, start blogging, quit bad habits, and chase their dreams.

Personal finance is more than just learning about money; it’s a lifestyle.

Think about why most people want to get better with money. For the most part, it’s to have a better life.

That is a good motivator for most people, however, it’s flawed. You can’t just learn to manage money; you have to know how to make it as well.

Making money takes more than just learning business techniques and tips. You need to change your mindset and learn certain skills you thought you’d never use.

That’s what’s really going to give you the edge and help you make all the money in the world.

Warren Buffett said the most valuable skill he’s ever learned was figuring out how to communicate with people. If you can’t even do that, how can you expect to start a business?

You see, when most people begin this entrepreneurial journey, they tend to neglect certain stuff like that. They dive fully in, before learning the basics.

You can make some serious money by just learning how to speak and write effectively. This blog will teach you these things and much more. These skills will build upon one another, and before you know it, you’ll be the entrepreneur you always wanted to be.

The Journey To FI

We all want to live that dream. The idea of being financially independent is something that everyone today is striving for. I have aspirations to make writing my full-time career.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is acropolis.jpg
Me in Athens Greece. If you achieve FI, you can travel to cool places and experience everything the world has to offer you.

Through my blog and freelance, work, and investments, I plan on being financially free. But it doesn’t stop there for me. I don’t plan on being a blogger forever. But what will I do?

Who knows?

Maybe I’ll write books, start a career in marketing or finance, or pursue another passion. Life doesn’t end just because you have achieved FI.

FI is just a bridge between getting past where you are now and getting to where you want to go. So if you’re stuck at a job you hate, FI is the link between getting you out of that job and into something you love doing.

This is a goal we are all striving for. Creativefinancialhelp is a blog about many things, but at its core, it’s about achieving your dreams.

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