Hey everyone!

My name is Alexander and I am a personal finance blogger attempting to turn his passions into a reality. Now before you continue reading I have a few confessions to make. First, I’m not a financial advisor or analyst. Although you probably could have guessed that, I thought I’d make it abundantly clear from the beginning.

Finance is something I’m passionate about. I love keeping up with news on stocks and companies that interest me. I feel like blogging is the best way to express this passion. I’m really enjoying it so far.

Second, I actually have no professional background in finance. As for college? I was a history major, yes the dreaded liberal arts! I plan to use my degree to pursue a career in financial journalism.

History is important in the financial world as well. Economists, financial analysts, stockbrokers, none of these people were able to see the great recession coming.

However, somebody who studies history actually could have seen it coming. Historians see trends, and the economy tends to trend up and down throughout history.

I feel that combining knowledge of both finance and writing is so important since we need people to write and translate complex financial ideas.

How I Got Interested In Finance

Where do I begin? For starters, I come from a family of small business owners. My parents owned a restaurant, which I use to work at when I was younger. I remember always being fascinated with how a business operates and runs.

What also fascinated me was how much work it took to run a business. There are no days off, no vacations, no sick days, and no personal time. 24/7 you must dedicate your time, energy, and sweat to the thing that makes you money. This was also where I came to understand the difference between having a day job and owning a business.

With a day job, you put in certain hours to receive a paycheck. But with a business, you put in 100% effort and with no guarantee of ever seeing a paycheck. It may seem contradictory, but most people that go into business get nothing in return. It was then that I realized what it would take to succeed in such a competitive world.

It takes much more than what most other people are doing just to get by. You have to put in all of your energy towards your goal and hope that with your skills and ambitions that it’ll work out. It doesn’t sound very appealing but when your work starts to pay off it feels amazing!

Learning About The Market

I started to become interested in the stock market when I was a sophomore in college. I began reading books on the stock market and watched the financial news daily. I would take notes on what I learned and started to track stocks and other things to invest in.

Eventually, I became interested in commodities. Their rapid fluctuations intrigued me; it felt like I could make a ton of money with them if I mastered how to day trade them. I looked into day trading and I started day trading Crude Oil indexes from home. Crude Oil appealed to me because of its geopolitical ties and volatility that seemed orderly.

Little did I know that day trading commodities is like playing the machines at a casino. I ended up making money but then losing it when I made the wrong calls on my trades. Inevitably, I started losing more than I was making and I had to stop.

I wouldn’t touch the stock market again for another two years

In those two years, I read up on more finance stuff and continued my college education. In my senior year, I started this blog on the fruition that I would use it as a resume builder to get a job after I graduate.

That was in the spring of 2018. We are now approaching 2020. I stuck with this blog because I realized how much I actually enjoyed writing about finance.

My history degree helped me realize that since it prepared me to be a better writer. All I did in college was write so when I created this blog I wanted to combine my writing skills with my knowledge of finance.

Why Finance Blogs are Important

I still remember a couple of years ago watching CNBC on my couch one afternoon, actually, that was all I remembered, I wasn’t able to retain anything those people were saying. I don’t know if it’s just me but, I hated that feeling. In my mind, Wall Street is our country’s elite, where American capitalism reached its fullest potential. I wanted to be a part of that potential.

One of the best things about being alive today is that you can become a part of it, all it takes is a little knowledge and the work ethic to apply that knowledge. Never again will all this finance stuff be a mystery, take your time and learn all you can, soon enough you’ll know more about finance than you ever thought was possible.

Me at the Acropolis in Athens, Greece. Being financially free helps you travel the world and explore the most illustrious places on earth.

That’s the reason I write for this blog is so one day you and I can be financially successful like those on Wall Street. By conducting my own research and writing about different topics, I will simultaneously be learning and sharing with the world! That sounds like an awesome trade-off doesn’t it?

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