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How To Get Motivated

Do you want to stop procrastinating and learn how to get motivated? Does it make you angry to realize how smart you are but can’t succeed due to your procrastination habits?

Is all of that potential going down the drain just because you can’t seem to motivate yourself? Well, I’m here to tell you that, NO, it’s not.

Luckily for you, it’s pretty easy to steer your life in the right direction. But, it is going to take effort on your part, and it won’t happen fast. First, you must make some changes to the mindset and lifestyle that is causing all of these issues.

Once you do that, your life can start to change for the better.

Opportunities in this world come when one realizes how much control they have over their actions. Procrastination is a choice and not something that an individual is stuck with.

You can do this and start being the productive person that wins at everything. In this article, I will teach you exactly how you can stop procrastinating and stay motivated to achieve all of your life goals.

How To Get Motivated Tip #1: Getting Things Done

We all want to learn how to get motivated and stop procrastinating. However, what usually ends up happening is the exact opposite.

Many people just end up never getting things done at all. Some even refuse to do simple tasks and turn into couch potatoes.

You don’t want to be a couch potato.

Furthermore, you need to recognize the scale of the tasks in front of you. Is it just your room that needs cleaning? Or do you need to get a job to pay your bills?

It can also be a mix of these things. People sometimes let their responsibilities pile up, which can cause an endless cycle of procrastination. What you need to do is replace the bad habits in your life with good ones.

Trick your brain into thinking of tasks, not as chores but as routines. For example, I’ve been going to the gym now for over 10 years. I go at least 5 times a week, and I make sure to get every workout done.

However, it wasn’t easy for me in the beginning. I started working out as a skinny guy with no confidence in myself to keep doing it. Yet, what kept me going was my desire to get the body I wanted and my ability to trick my brain into liking exercise.

The System of Getting Things Done

Going to the gym consistently for 10 years is not easy. Between a social life, work, and school, scheduling a workout can get challenging.

But I pulled through it.

Whether it was rain or shine, snow, or even being sick, I still had to exercise.

I did this by tricking my brain into believing that going to the gym was a necessity. Eventually, exercise turned into a habit for me. Imagine sleeping at the same time every day for years, but then all of a sudden changing your sleep schedule to a completely different time. Doing that will feel pretty weird at first, wouldn’t it?

Exercise is the same way.

I kept going to the gym from the start, even when making no progress at all. Now the thought of working out does not even cross my mind anymore. My brain is automatically programmed to go like it is my daily routine.

If I skip one of my days, I will feel like crap. For you to trick your brain like this, it’ll take a few months of consistent effort.

Repeating the same process over and over will eventually lead to you doing the task automatically. If you still have to think about going to the gym, it hasn’t manifested into a habit yet. Keep repeating the process until it starts to feel natural.

How To Get Motivated Tip #2: Stop Procrastinating

Procrastination is going to be your biggest enemy when trying to stay motivated. It’s the main reason why most people fail in life. Even in school, I remember several times where procrastination held me back from reaching my full potential. It happened when it was time for me to study, write a paper, or complete a project.

Procrastination had me doing so badly that I began to think something was wrong with me. However, when I stopped procrastinating and had a plan, success began to come my way. The reason why procrastination is so dangerous is that it makes smart people think they are dumb.

Little did I know that the only reason I did poorly on a test was due to my procrastination habits. Flunking my English paper was due to cramming the whole assignment into one night. If I had just done the work overtime, my grades probably would have skyrocketed.

Don’t let yourself fall into this trap. If you really want to learn how to get motivated, you have to eliminate procrastination for good.

Procrastination Psychology

Procrastination is a mindset that will prevent you from ever achieving your life goals. Even top CEOS struggle with this from time to time. Luckily, psychologists now understand a lot about what causes it.

Chronic procrastination can even bring severe emotional anxiety and depression. So, it is important to catch the symptoms before they end up consuming you.

Do you look for excuses to not start something you need to work on? Are you somebody who looks to avoid doing any work at all? These are commons signs of procrastination, and they can have negative consequences on your life.

Yet, it’s actually more of a psychological issue than anything else. Psychologists have found that procrastinating has nothing to do with time management.

A group of psychologists experimented with procrastination behavior at Cape Western University in 1997. The psychologists tested numerous students in a lab on how they performed their work. The scientists informed one group that the assignment would be a test of their intelligence. Meanwhile, the other students were told it was just for fun.

They discovered that the students who thought that the puzzle would be a test of their capabilities were the ones who delayed the task for later. What this means is that procrastination is a self-defeating behavior.

Psychologist Diane Tice and her partner had this to say about chronic procrastination:

The chronic procrastinator, the person who does this as a lifestyle, would rather have other people think that they lack effort than lacking ability,” “It’s a maladaptive lifestyle.

Source: Psychology professor Joseph Ferrari @PsychologicalScience.org

A procrastinator would rather have somebody believe they are lazy than stupid. If you think about it, this makes a lot of sense. By sabotaging your chances of success through not trying, you give yourself a pass in case you fail.

Studying really hard for a test but still failing would make me feel worse than if I didn’t study at all and failed. The problem with this mindset is that it’ll make you feel better for the moment. However, once you keep repeating this same mistake, it starts to add up.

What will happen is that chronic procrastination habits start to kick in and you stop trying at everything.

How To Overcome Procrastination

Beating procrastination is all about the mindset, begin by breaking that psychological barrier you have created for yourself. I am not a psychologist, but I know how my mind works. I noticed a pattern every year during my time in school.

Whenever the teacher would assign something, I would delay it until the end of the term. That happened a lot during high school.

Eventually, this pattern started repeating itself. When my grades suffered, I would try to convince myself that things would change at the end of each year.

However, for the most part, nothing changed.

Procrastination stuck with me until I was about a sophomore in college. As time went by, I started having more control over my emotions and could better plan out my work. Thinking about this has made me realize how right those psychologists were.

As a high school kid, my confidence was low. Every time my bad grades would show up, procrastination was there to comfort me. If only I had the emotional resistance back then not to let failure get the better of me.

However, I do have that now.

For me, the first step to beating procrastination was to stop caring about the opinions of other people. People who judge someone based on their failures have no idea what they are talking about. They have no idea what your personal situation is, so why should you care what they think?

As a kid, I was powerless to do anything. And honestly, I don’t have the answer for any high school kids today. However, as an adult, I now see through the rubbish. I understand now that the grade itself meant nothing. The opinions of the other kids also meant nothing.

Stop Caring What Other People Think

Psychologists say that procrastination is a result of making yourself feel better about failure. Letting the opinions of others get to you is a social anxiety that plagues too many young people in society today.

However, you can do something about it. As I mentioned before, I started to realize that much of what I was so worried about as a kid was nonsense. Growing older means that you naturally begin caring less about what people think of you.

The good news is that everyone gets older, meaning you have a chance to change your mindset.

Just look at the elderly.

Older people care less about the opinions of others since they have been through life already. The elderly understand the difference between what is right and wrong. A child may think they did something wrong only because they are concerned with the opinions of other people.

Older people don’t care about any of that.

Ironically, to stop this, you have to expose yourself to as much criticism and abuse as you can. For example, working as a cashier for so many years exposed me to a lot of harsh words. I had to deal with many rude customers and employees that it ended up thickening my skin.

With social media today, everyone has an opinion. Everyone talks like they have a Ph.D. in every subject. Yet, the reality is very different.

You need to realize that when most people argue, they have no idea what they are talking about.

Most of the time, people say things out of emotion, either through anger or jealousy. The biggest flaw humanity has is that we are too quick to judge what we don’t understand. Unfortunately, when society cannot understand a person, they end up suffering from the assumptions of other people.

Examples Of Why People’s Opinions Of You Are Meaningless

Consider this: Everyone likes referencing history and historical figures in modern discussions. However, the majority of people who bring up these topics don’t know anything about history.


Or even better, look to popular arguments on the internet.


I can go on, but honestly, I made my point. The ones who will criticize you are like the people above. Why care about the opinion of someone who doesn’t even know how to check basic facts?

If somebody called you a loser and they also believe the Earth is flat, would you care about their comment?


That is important for you to understand, especially in the age of social media. Troll comments are everywhere, so don’t take them seriously.

How To Get Motivated Tip #3: Find Your Passion

The next step to learning how to get motivated is to find your passion. Now I know everyone has probably told you to find your passion on the internet at some point. Too many people give this advice, and it ends up sounding vague and obvious.

However, there is a truth to it. Procrastination is hard to avoid if you lack passion.

But what exactly do we mean by passion? Well, the truth is that you can be passionate about anything, even money. Society likes to paint people who are passionate about money as greedy. Yet, what they are is passionate.

There is nothing wrong with liking money. Likewise, there is nothing wrong with going above and beyond to try and attain it.

Of course, just make sure what you are doing is legal and ethical.

But anyway, imagine hating chemistry so much that you refuse to study for the test. You have accepted failure without even putting in the effort. However, what if I promised to give you $1million if you get an A? What would you do then?

I BET MOST OF YOU WOULD STUDY YOUR BUTTS OFF! That is how you can find your passion. If money is going to motivate you and make you work harder, then feel free to turn it into a goal.

The same goes for anything else. Whatever it is you want, just make sure you obsess over it enough to get it. I never thought writing would turn into a passion for me; however, it did.

How My Passion Helped Me Stop Procrastinating

I use to hate writing in school. The funny thing is that I would go out of my way not to write a paper. Now writing 2,000+ word blog articles is the norm for me.

That happened because I started writing about topics that piqued my interest.

Public school has this one big flaw, and it is the forceful study of stuff we don’t enjoy.

Yet, now that I write about whatever interests me, writing has become a beloved passion of mine. It has also helped me learn how to get motivated and stop procrastinating. There are a few ways you can follow what I did to get motivated while also eliminating procrastination.

  1. Stick To What You Know
  2. Surround yourself With What You Like
  3. Find a Skill In That Area
  4. Master That Skill
  5. Branch Out and Master Related Skills

Stick with what you know and like.

For me, this was history. History fascinated me from a young age.

All of the wars and cool historical figures had me hooked. I decided to major in it in college, and my interests turned into a huge passion. During that time, I also became interested in finance and self-help.

I ended up doing a lot of writing in college. So much so that I decided to start a blog and write about my thoughts.

Do you see how those connect? At first, it might not seem like history has anything to do with blogging or finance.

However, if you take what you learned in one subject (for me it was writing) and apply it to another (blogging), then that is how you can make money from a passion. You can then learn skills in social media, copywriting, marketing, pr, and much more.

Do Not Be Afraid To Monetize Your Hobby

Before I even got finished typing to monetize, some of the top searches for this topic is how to monetize a hobby. This proves just how many people are attempting to do this today.

I gave you an example of how my passions naturally revealed themselves. What’s next for me is to keep pushing forward and make more content.

But, you don’t have to follow what I do.

For example, look at the millions of people who play video games today.

Gaming is a massively popular hobby with a lot of monetization opportunities. For starters, you can create a YouTube channel and spread your knowledge and passion for gaming to the world.

There is an abundance of YouTubers who make money talking about games. Likewise, you can start a Twitch channel and begin playing video games live.

I have even seen people sell refurbished games on eBay for money. If you like older games, why not open up an eBay store and start selling them?

However, if you are passionate enough about gaming, why not learn how to code? Learning code can lead to incredible opportunities. Imagine coding your own video game or even working as a programmer for your favorite game company.

You can even start a website or blog about video games and make money.

Starting a website when you already know how to code will make your life MUCH easier. Or do you have a degree in English? Why not use that degree and get a job in video game journalism? Do you see now how those skills add up? A hobby like gaming can lead to one thing after another, like a domino effect.

How To Get Motivated Tip #4: Small Goal Setting

The key to achieving your main goal is to set smaller goals in between. You must get comfortable with small victories if you want to learn how to get motivated.

What happens with most people is that they end up setting goals too high. Doing that makes it a lot harder to stay motivated since the path to success seems longer.

Smaller goals will help by allowing you to think that the next achievement is just around the corner. For example, imagine your goals are to make enough money blogging and quit your day job.

To reach that goal, you will need to afford housing, food, health insurance, transportation, and entertainment. All of that can seem a bit overwhelming, especially if you have never been self-employed.

The way around this is to set a small goal. Instead of quitting your job, think about making a specific amount of money a month.

Write this down if it makes the process easier.

Set a goal to make $1,000 a month blogging. To earn $1,000 a month is much easier than to try and blog full time. Also, do not be afraid to celebrate once you get that first $1,000. Celebrating small victories can help when you start lacking the motivation to push forward.

Achieving Smaller Goals Helps Prevent Procrastination

small goal setting will help people learn how to get motivated.
Just type small goals on Google and you’ll see exactly how many articles are talking about the same thing.

Small goal setting is another psychological trick to help you stop procrastinating. The quick success of achieving small goals is like a lightning jolt of energy, pushing you to stay motivated.

By maintaining a positive mindset during whatever it is you want to achieve, procrastination becomes less likely.

Those little victories will add and eventually lead to the end goal.

Why would somebody procrastinate when they have a positive mindset? They wouldn’t, and that is why setting small goals will help you to stop procrastinating your life away.

How To Get Motivated Tip #5: Go All In

The final tip to get motivated and eliminate procrastination is to go all in. What I mean by that is you must put everything on the line to achieve your goals.

The majority of the population is not willing to go this far. Going all in involves being vulnerable as well.

Do you think the thought of ending up homeless would be enough to motivate you?

Failure is not an option once you take on a risk like that. The reality is that in this scenario, nobody has the time to learn how to get motivated, they just do it.

When the stakes are high, you need to step up to the plate. If you don’t, then the consequences will be severe. Imagine quitting your day job to become a movie director.

That’s what James Cameron did. He is the director of the legendary movies Titanic and Terminator, who was also at one point living in his car.

What keeps people like that from procrastinating is the fear of going hungry. However, if someone can’t motivate themselves in this case, then failure will be much worse. Are you willing to go all-in like Cameron? Does it sound ideal for you to be living in your car writing a script for a movie that might never see the big screen?

Cameron didn’t know that he would be successful, however, he stuck with it, and eventually, he made it.

If you think you are the type of person who can handle the risk, then don’t hesitate. If you want it badly enough, you can achieve anything.

Hey there! I'm Alex, a freelance writer, and blogger. I started my journey towards FI in 2018, when I created this blog. I love talking about blogging, writing, personal finance, and internet entrepreneurship. If you enjoy my content, stick around, and we'll share ideas for reaching FI together!

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