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Top High Paying Entry Level Jobs Post COVID-19

With the current pandemic spreading across the globe finding a job is starting to get more difficult with each passing day. As unemployment numbers rise to great depression levels, it can be anyone’s guess as to when things will start getting back to normal. However, what we do know is that it must come to an end eventually. Every pandemic in history has come and gone; it’s not a matter of if but when. Finding high paying entry-level jobs after the lockdown is lifted will be a challenge, but it won’t be impossible.

The entry-level jobs that will be available once the lockdown ends are currently some of the hardest hit by the pandemic. Your first thoughts might be to apply for entry-level business jobs or even entry-level marketing jobs.

But, jobs in the service industry or even the travel industry shouldn’t be disregarded just yet. The reason is that there may be a chance for these industries to bounce back when the lockdowns are lifted.

They may even experience a surge in demand due to so many people being forced to stay home for so long. It’s better to start thinking about your future employment right now so that when this is over, you will be ready to take action.

The Lockdown Has To Be Lifted Eventually

The coronavirus has indeed caused mass unemployment all over the world. Yet, what some don’t realize is that these measures are temporary.

Businesses did not shut down because they weren’t making any money, they shut down because they were forced to. History tells us that social distancing works not only for health standards but also for the economy.

Economists have studied the economic effects of the Spanish Flu pandemic that struck the world right during the final years of the First World War.

This pandemic has many similarities with what’s going on today. The flu struck the United States hard when soldiers started returning home from the war. Huge cities like New York and Chicago establish massed quarantines and social distancing rules much like we are doing right now.

A Chicago poster from the 1918 Spanish flu. High paying entry level jobs were being lost even back then.
A Chicago poster illustrating social distancing rules for a theatre during the Spanish Flu pandemic.

Spanish Flu Might Have Been Worse

In total, historians estimate that over 50 million people died from the Spanish flu. Some have estimated as high as 100 million globally.

The First World War killed only around 20 million in combat. Economists have also made the conclusion that cities and other areas that implemented social distancing rules faster experienced a quicker economic recovery.

The reason is that the vast number of lives that have been saved resulted in fewer labor shortages and a better grip on demand.

The pandemic is called Spanish flu because the only news outlets reporting on it at the time were from Spain.

Unfortunately, for the people who lived through this, the Spanish flu seems to have been very deadly, mainly killing young and healthy people from the ages of 15-45. The pandemic eventually came to an end in December of 1920. The 1920s then brought a decade of massive economic boom for the United States and the rest of the world

High Paying Entry Level Jobs In Tech

The technology industry will have some of the best high paying entry-level jobs available once the pandemic ends. Technology has been booming since this all started, with millions of employees transitioning from offices into remote work.

Technology companies large and small will be looking for workers, both entry-level and experienced. From software development to programming and even web development; all of the skills for these jobs can be learned from home.

You might not even need a degree, some technology companies are starting to look past traditional education and focus more on hard skills. Technology is an ever-changing industry so by the time you graduate with a degree, whatever you learned might be outdated.

It’s also a myth that you have to be educated in coding or engineering to work in technology. Are you good at writing? Great, plenty of technology companies need technical writers.

A technical writer is someone who uses his or her writing skills to explain complex technical ideas to the public. Technical writers can earn anywhere between $50,00 to $100,00 a year and is a relatively entry-level position.

Your writing skills can also be useful to the public relations and marketing departments of technology companies.

By thinking outside the box, you will realize that even technology companies need staff from different educational backgrounds to be successful.

Top Earning Entry Level Jobs In Service

Oh yes, the service industry; probably the hardest hit by the coronavirus and I’m recommending you look for a job in it. Restaurants, cafes, bars, and clubs have been devastated by this but it’s not over for them, here’s why.

Do you really think that because of this virus people will stop going out forever causing these businesses to go extinct? Of course not! People can’t go out right now but guess what’s gonna happen when the pandemic ends: they will start going out again.

Before this happened, restaurants were experiencing some of the worst labor shortages ever. But now that the economy has been turned upside-down, things will change. There will be more people looking for work and increased demand for dining out.

Here are some entry-level jobs you may consider in the service industry:

  • Waiter/Waitress: Minimum Wage Pay + Tips
  • Chef: $20,00-$100,000 annually (depending on experience)
  • Line cook: $14-$20 an hour depending on the restaurant
  • Dishwasher: $8-$10 per hour (Easiest job to get on the list)
  • Busboy: $11-$14 an hour
  • Delivery Driver: $2,200 a month
  • Bartender: $11.50 an hour +Tips
  • Barista: $12 an hour + (Some Benefits)
  • Manager (Restaurant): $45,000 a year

All of these entry-level jobs have decent pay and can help you get back on your feet.

Decent Wage Positions in Education

Education is pretty much a recession-proof industry, almost guaranteeing you a job in the long run. The good news is that you don’t have to be a licensed teacher to work in education. You may work as a teacher in a private school without a teaching license, although it may be more difficult.

But even that doesn’t necessarily disqualify you from working in education. Any native English speakers with a bachelor’s degree can apply to teach English abroad in another country. Obviously no schools are hiring overseas at the moment.

But don’t let that stop you, schools will eventually have to hire more teachers since kids still need to learn English. Sometimes online lessons aren’t that effective, especially when trying to learn another language.

If moving abroad is too much for you then you can always opt for an online teaching position. You could actually do this right now since there is a lack of English teachers abroad due to travel restrictions. Some companies require only a bachelor’s degree, while others will also require a TEFL certificate. Whichever you decide to do, both pay well and can give you decent job security.

You could also qualify as an online tutor if you have experience with other subjects. Many websites hire tutors for different subjects such as Math, Science, and even English.

Best Entry Level Marketing Jobs For Creative People

Entry-level jobs provide a great testing ground for creative people looking to flex their skills. If you love to create good content and share it with other people than this is perfect for you. Some of the best creative jobs are in the field of marketing and communications. These include:

  • Marketing Coordinator
  • PR Coordinator
  • Social Media Manager
  • CopyWriter
  • Freelance Writer
  • Editor
  • Journalist

All of the positions listed above offer decent pay and are with the relative ease of entry. For anyone interested in writing, those skills can go a long way.

You can market your writing experience to almost any industry and you’ll always be in demand. That’s because every company needs good writers on their team no matter what they’re selling.

You’re in luck since most of these jobs can be done remotely. This means that you could start applying for them right now.

If you don’t think your resume is good enough then try improving it. You can use your own social media presence and build it up to prove your skill in social media management. You can also start writing blog posts to prove your writing and editing skills.

What makes these high paying entry-level jobs so accessible is that you can start gaining experience for them right now. You still have to learn of course, but that’s with any job.

Entry Level Business Jobs For Audacious Graduates

For students graduating this year with a business degree, finding your first jobs might seem a lot harder than normal. Don’t be afraid, however, since most entry-level business jobs are always in demand, no matter what the economy looks like. Some of the many jobs you can do include:

Financial Analyst– A financial analyst is tasked with analyzing the finances of his or her clients. Depending on the employer, certain licensing may be required. Otherwise, business majors can pretty much start working as financial analysts right out of school. Financial analysts can enjoy a lucrative career and can easily earn a six-figure salary.

Sales Rep– Business majors can use their newfound skills as sales reps for different businesses. A sales representative sells retail products and goods to customers. The average salary of a sales rep is around $45,000 annually.

Human Resources Assistant– Human resources assistants will work directly under the human resource manager by administering tests, making appointments, and generally organizing employee information. Although they may just have an average salary of only $40,000, with more experience human resource assistants can make their way to management positions.

Stock Broker– Stockbrokers are responsible for recommending and selling shares of stock to clients. A broker will typically work under a brokerage firm and will earn a commission from their sales. You will need to take the series 7 and series 63 exams to legally sell securities. After that, you can pretty much start working as a broker: your salary will depend on your sales skills but you’ll have the potential to make a lot of money.

Don’t Forget About Temp Agencies

I’ve worked with a temp agency before, they’re great for finding high paying entry-level jobs relatively quick. Temp agencies even currently have many positions available despite the pandemic. Of course, there is a risk at the moment due to the virus so it may be better to wait it out.

You could even work on getting a few extra certificates or other projects to help boost your resume.

Temp agencies can also be a good place to find higher-level positions along with entry-level work. In my first year working for a temp agency, I was hired as an insurance claims analyst.

The pay was really good at $20 an hour with unlimited overtime; it was also a laid back environment with friendly coworkers. You typically have to go through a recruiter who will help guide you through the application process.

After going through two interviews the temp agency hired me on the spot and I ended up working there for a long time.

The biggest drawback of working for a temp agency, however, is the high turnover rate. The agency can let you go at any time since you are a temp worker and technically aren’t part of the client’s payroll.

The Bottom Line

Finding high paying entry-level jobs should not be too difficult even with the current crisis going on. I have no idea when it will come to an end, but it has to at some point. You must be ready so that when the lockdowns do start to ease up, you’ll be able to make your next move.

If you’re a new grad and still looking for a job, some of these positions will be good for you to consider. Even if you don’t have a degree, there are a few things you can do to get employed when this crisis is over.

The point is not to sit around and wait for a miracle to happen. Take control now and start making plans for the future; you will soon find out that there are more opportunities than you think.

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